Selvagem Pequena and Ilhéu de Fora

Selvagem Pequena has a surface area of 0.3 km2. This low island is mainly covered with organic sands of marine origin. Underneath are phonolitic agglomerates crossed by several dikes, as on Selvagem Grande. At the western tip there is a small promontory, Pico do Veado or Atalaia (49 m), on which another lighthouse is located. At high tide, a large area of the eastern side is submerged. It is possible to disembark on a little beach located in the southwest section of the islet, sea conditions permitting. In spring, keepers erect a small prefabricated house, which they dismantle in autumn and store underground until the following year.

Ilhéu de Fora is also low and very small (0.1 km2) and almost entirely covered with organic sands. There are only two large rocky outcrops and the highest (15 m) is at the south-eastern tip. A long shallow platform fans out towards the north and is dotted with a few small rocks. This is the only place in the world where the Euphorbia anachoreta is known to grow and just 30 specimens remain. There are no buildings on this island and going ashore is extremely difficult.

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